Thursday, September 2, 2010

NOTD Tuesday - Konad & Make Mine Lime

base coat - Nicole -Make mine lime
base coat - OPI - Im fondue on you
Konad black
Kiss Nail Art black
Kiss Nail Art silver (to add some sparkle, but mostly to cover my middle finger mistakes on the third pic :~ )
Konad Plate M64

I just purchased a new plate M64 and this is the image that drew me in.
I really enjoyed this mani...the left hand is much better than the right. I didn't top coat till the next day after work and that was a mistake. Also forgot to paint the free edge. You can see the color coming off the tips as i didn't take pics until after the top coat .The Nicole has impressed me as it's been 4 days and today is the day that i want to do another mani as this one is past it's time.

I would redo my mani tonight but my parents are only 15 mins away. yah.

Onto my want list
Bert's Bees Cuticle Cream
Nailtech - Nail strengthener
Dotting tools


  1. Hey! A fellow Saskatonian who digs nail art! So cool! Thanks for stopping into my blog and leaving a note. Just started my nail blog too! :)

  2. hi!
    i just found your blog and it's really cute!
    maybe if you have time you'll pass by mine and follow me :)


  3. I think dotting tools are going to go on my wish list too. :)

  4. Sooo I totally just had a friend pick up most of the rest of those striper polishes from that store in Humbolt today. She's bringing them in for me on Saturday. I'm pretty sure there's Black, White, Silver glitter, Royal glitter, fuchsia glitter, fuchsia, and bright yellow. They were only 1.88 each plus tax, and I'd totally share if you want to buy some. :) Just let me know!