Friday, November 26, 2010

a little mini update

i have managed to keep polish off my nails for an entire week.  Yah me, but it really has made this blog very unexciting.  The yellow on my nails don't look as bad and i might have been able to stop the peeling tips.   I am so ready for a color this weekend, but it will not be amazing but it will include a base color of green (Rider green) and maybe some konad or a nailart.  It will be to support our Saskatchewan Roughriders as they are in the grey cup finales on Sunday start time 6:00pm.  Go Riders Go. Yah friend's housewarming/Grey cup party.
The nailart depends on how alert and untired i will be on Sunday morning/afternoon; as tomorrow is way to busy of a day - Santa's Breakfast volunteering from 730am-11:15am then off to soccer game for the 2nd game of the tournament for the Girls Under 16 Soccer (i'm assistant coach)12-1, then checking out the Weaver's Guild and try to pick up some amazing jewelry from JQ at flippery digits/ hearts on fibre (there is 2 separate links back there);  then back home to relax for a bit and off to my coed soccer game at 6:00pm and have some drinks with the team afterwards.   Wow that sounds just too much as I'm typing it, how do people try to manage schedules like this.

Well stay tuned for a nail manicure in the next 2 days.

Monday, November 22, 2010

My little unpolished broken nails

It was time to file down all my nails; the left hand had many nails that were very tiny anyways and i have this peeling issue i'm trying to get rid of.  As you can see i have discoloration of the nails.  (half of them yellow, with growth that is not yellowed...that is when i started to use the Seche Vite thickener & base coat before each mani) i'm going to try to leave them unpolished for a while maybe that will help to soften up the yellowing...but from what i've read on other blogs  i need to wait till the nails grow out past the yellow parts. What is your gals take on yellow nails? and how to treat? or if i can.

i have to file this thumb down even more

Notice the damage that i did to the left thumb.....the culprit is below in the next picture

Side view - Note for me*when wire wrapping a stone do not use your thumb nail even if the instructions tell you to.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Painted Lady Fingers contest

I just entered Painted Lady Fingers contest.  Contest ends on November 24 so get your entries in.
Follow the link for details about the contest and how to earn extra points.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Computer problems - virus

Stupid me, downloaded a virus from my email that said Fedex...i'm waiting on Ebay products - polymar clay rods so i was excited.  Had 2 or 3 clues that this was a virus but i opened anyways and then thought oh no...virus.  Sure enough.

Well writing a short email to state i have new pics of mani but can't download them till computer is fixed, hopefully it will be fixed by weekend.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday is Yoga in No Room

I'm so excited, it's sunday night and i created a very pretty, not planned, well besides a rough plan using OPI "No Room for the blues", and OPI "Yoga-ta get this blue" and one size (the pink) dotting tool and thought for a freehand diagonal line for division of each color.  Applied the seche vite, cleanuped, DL pics and upload to bed and off to bed - almost 2.5 hours later, (i really need to improve this time).   Just hope this mani doesn't chip after tomorrow's work day is done. Having some peeling issues with a couple of my nails...anyone have any tips in this regard?  Is it time to give the polish on my nails a break?

at first i thought to do a diagonal line but tried to change it up so it was kinda swiggly. as you can see by the time i got to the left hand i was mostly doing diagonal again.

 left hand
 right hand
 left thumb

Will try for some daylight pictures tomorrow. as these aren't great.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Venus + soccer gloves + konad = double fail

This is Avon nailwear Pro - Venus.  I applied two coats and was very unhappy with the streakness, wonder if i went three if it would have evened out.  The only two nails that are not streaky are the thumb and the pinky (on the last two pictures.

I wore this for one day.

then evening of first day decided to try to konad them to savage the mani.
Here is my attempt.  My black konad color was awful, the color keep drying to the stamper or not transfering.  I have a new stamper and tried the trick of running the nail file across the rubber stamp. Tried to use half the plate image of m64 to try to recreate simply rins design. Well i had lots of trouble with the polish not adhering to the nail so i attempted to double stamp some areas on the nails and well look at the pics you will see what happened. Question for the konad addicts; do you have the special polish and have you had a ugly formula.  Think maybe it's time to look for another black polish to use in my stamping.

 pointer finger is really worn as i had soccer last night (right after i did this konad) and i play goalie so my hands were in the keeper gloves. Attempted to put the silver konad top coat on the middle finger as it was really not a straight konad stamp.

Sorry that some pics are not focused, and disregard the cuticles.  Having some dry hand issues this fall time.
Tonight i'm attempting my nail art for Simply Rins  one year blog anniversary contest.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Me Encanta Tu Blog Award

A blog award, cause i've been a slow blogger!! The phalanges Files mass tagged me.  The rules are to answer some questions:

1. Why did you create the blog?
 I became obsessed with watching youtube nail art tutorials after my cousin was talking about it on FB and i brought out my konad plates.  I soon found that the nail art tutorial artists had blogs and then remembering i used to blog (never very regularly) it made sense to create a blog dedicated to my attempts at freehand and Konad.

2. What kind of blogs do you follow?
Mostly nail blogs. Have followed crafty blogs before (beading jewelry and some diys)  but they got left behind since i started this blog.  Some makeup tutorials are also included on the blogroll.

3. Do you have a favorite make-up brand? 
I have purchased Mac and love it, very expensive but love the fact the artists teach you to apply your makeup and help you decide what colors to buy for my skintone, and to match the existing colors i have. All the other brands i have owned have expired and been placed in the trash.

4. And a favorite clothing brand?

No favorite, hardly buy clothes, no money as all of it is going to nailpolishes and tools lately. (but i'm on a spending diet now, time to use the polish and tools to create, but i will be getting a Sally Hansen Black pen...hope it works better than my white milky one)

5. What make-up products are essential for you?
Mascara and blush. and nail polish - it is so hard to go a day without polish on my nails.

6. What’s your favorite color?
  Favorite color is red right now.Was blue and before that green.  Favorite polish color - (don't have one yet)

7. What’s your favorite perfume?
Ange ou  demon by Givenchy, Irrestible by Givenchy, Rose essentielle by Bylgari

8. What’s the film you liked the most?
Tim Burtons' Alice in Wonderland, Life as we know it, How to train your dragon, PS i love you, Matrix...oh the list is lengthy and i could go on.
9. What countries would you like to go to?
Love to go back to Bali, Indonesia.  Machu Pichu, Peru, Southern Thailand. Would love to try my hand at deepsea diving again so Hawaii is a good choice. (can't think if i have other places on my list in my head)

tag, your it.