Wednesday, October 5, 2011

MIA update

I'm around just not posting.  I've been doing my nails just forgetting to take the pictures.  I am impressed with my latest mani (it has lasted almost 4 whole days with only one minor touchup yesterday) - Borghese Berry Confezione with a couple access nails with sally girl pink noname sparkly hexagons, i'll take a pic tonight, but not sure when the pic will be posted.
My computer pc needs a reinstall of windows and i'm going to attempt that tonight.  Wish me luck first time doing an overhaul myself.

Well the windows went well.  The wireless doesn't want to work, sounds like i might need to call tech support to get it to work, so right now the desktop is downstairs and will stay there until wireless internet is setup.  Now to start installing all the programs i need.