Friday, September 24, 2010

Still here

My last manis have been disasters and i haven't even taken photos of them. I am trying to find the right amount of seche vite to add to the polish. I am getting so much shrinkage that my polish needs to be removed within 2 days. I have been travelling for Wed & Thur for work, so i'm exhausted. want to redo my mani but my bed is calling. I got some new polish tonight with new rhinestones and have the idea for my mani tomorrow. I'll post pics when the mani is complete. I have pics i need to download from my camera i'll have a swatch of sinful colors San Francisco - pretty stoocked as it's Saskatchewan Roughrider green. (CHL football for those not familiar with the name :)



  1. Don't give up!

    As much polishing as I've been up to the past few months I still know relatively little about how polish actually works, so I can't give you much advice on shrinkage. Have you tried using a different base coat? I have found that two separate layers of Seche as thin as I can put them on helps for bubbles, and maybe it also helps for shrinkage?

    I can't count the amount of botched manis I've had the past month or so! :(

    I hope your next one works better for you!

  2. I get that feeling sometimes. After doing my mani, I'm not satisfied and have to redo them. Maybe we can call it a bad mani day! :D