Sunday, September 19, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

Thank you to JQ at Flippery Digits for tagging me for the Beautiful blogger award.

Now I will write 7 things that nobody knows about me! This might be a little easy for me cause i'm new to the nail polish blogging community (edit: it's not that easy as i originally thought as i don't want to put ones that close friends know about me already.)

1. I volunteer a lot.
2. I collect coins - but only from friends and family when they travel. And the Cdn specialty quarters and just started the US quarters but those are harder to find here as i search in my coins i get as change.
3. I have been a blog stalker for years, (i subscribe and read) learning the habit of commenting now.
4.My bedroom can not stay clean for more than 2 hours. - always clothes in the baskets - clean or ones that just need folding or hanging.
5. i am a blonde somedays, even though i keep dying the hair.
6. I am an accountant, but sometimes i'm really math dumb. My cable/internet bill has me confused - i owe the roommate some money and i thought i would pay her back by paying the bill extra for the amount i owe her & it makes sense but doesn't in the same breath.
7. I'm a procrastinator.

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