Saturday, September 25, 2010

Last Friday's mani & Tonight's new mani

This is my new love love it. Hopefully i got the right amount of Seche Vite and i don't have shrinkage so far so good it's been 6 hours now and no shrinkage.

Left hand thumb

Right hand thumb

Right hand

Left hand

Left hand...reaction to Seche Vite Top coat and OPI top coat caused the rhinestone to bleed blue.

Colors used:
Base coat - OPI - Over the Taupe
Base coat - OPI - I'm Fondue of you
Dots - OPI No Room for the blues
Top Coat - Seche Vite

Some things i noticed now...i did my nails with the same diagonal, even though i tried to do them opposite at the time. I still need to do more cleanup, but i did a much better application of polish and didn't flood my cuticles. Orange sticks don't work well for on ebay purchase - dotting tool.


  1. You can get an "embossing stylus" from the aisle where all the glue/polymer clay etc is at Michaels for something like 2.50. It'll only work for two smaller sizes of dots but I really like mine!

    I'm so glad you found the right amount of Seche! And I saw a difference in your application for sure! I love that blue A LOT. It really pops against your background colours!


  2. Hey I just found a current blurb about Seche Vite top coat at a blog I frequent. It's got good tips!


  3. I haven't tried Seche Vite top coat. Cool mani! The blue stands out well. :)