Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pics of mini Haul

Here is the pretty's - 5 polishes from The Tutti Gelati Summer Collection by Borghese

Berry Confezione
Tutti Gelati

($20.00 CDN)

Going to do a new mani tonight not exactly sure of the color to use yet, but as i'm heading to the lake tomorrow i think i will try to match the swimsuit.

Nail Tek Foundation II - to help the peeling issues - didn't realize this was a knockoff or cheaper version of the Nailtiques Foundation II ($9.00 CDN)

And from the fringe i found cheap strands of beads for $3 each.  Normally at Michael's or Walmart these beads would cost from $4.97 to $6.97 especially the bigger sized beads.

Found a cool light switch  plate - got ripped off $10.00 i think find out it was a sticker placed on a lightswitch plate and the corners are a little exposed.

Well my Roughriders are playing tonight, so i better get infront of the TV.  Oh and do the nails while watching the game.  I'll post pics of the completed mani later.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Mini Haul

Tonight, a friend from my hometown, came into town.  We had supper, went to winners, went to a festival - the Fringe.  I got some cool finds. At winners i got a set of Borghese  and well i will have more pics up tomorrow and more explanation...i'm just too tired right now but i'm also too tired of seeing my old mani on my blog, hence the short mini post.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Neon Nails

Thanks to the tutorial from:

Queen of blendingMUA

I like it but i could do better next time. Next time i would like to make the black strip lines thinner and make sure the black shatter (middle finger) was a thinner coat, not use the disco ball on each nail and only use for an accent nail.

Polish used:
Base coat - Witch Craft Protein Hardener
Forgot to add a base after this which might have made the white not dry
Base of Avon French tip white (not a good layering polish)
Sally Hansen Hard as Nails -  Hot Magenta & Disco Ball
China glaze Turned Up Turquoise (Neon) Orange Knockout (Neon)
OPI Funky Dunky
Black striping polish and switched to my striping brush with Sally Hansen Black out - my LA color Black Striping polish is getting thick, it was starting to leave a strand of polish from the brush to the bottle...time to try out the thinner to make it better.

Here's some kitty love (excuse the mess, i'm in process of cleaning) This is my cat Joey is on my bed and Niai (roomie's cat) is the black cat on floor.  Pic taken this evening.  No hissing - just observing each other, this was taken shortly after i played with both cat separately with the green frog on the wand. (in picture on floor).  I'm super excited cause this is an amazing steps to them getting along.  Niah did push the envelope even further to attempted to jump on the bed (closest to the wall) and Joey started to hiss and haulted Niah in her tracks.  Niah then stood her ground on the floor before walking away

This is Kala looking all cute on the railing in the hallway

Monday, July 18, 2011

Rambling mani tomorrow.

I have yet to do my nails, i've been barenaked for 5 days now.  But a design is calling my name.  After i fold the clothes in the basement (least fav household duty) i will do the nails while watching SYTYCD.  It is bloody hot here today.  It's +36 Celsius  with the humid-ex. (that is very warm for SK standards)
It feels like walking outside while i was in Thailand, you just get sticky.  Hence while i'll be spending the night in the coolest room in the house - the basement...maybe i'll organize my beads if i have time after i do my nails.

Later gators.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Another Ramble

All week long i wanted to apply polish to the nails but the tv has drawn me in.  I'm addicted to So you think you can dance.  I love both the US version and the Cdn Version but all this tv watching has keep me from painting the nails.  My usual nail station is in front of my computer desk. Which is upstairs away from any tv's.  Not the greatest setup but it works (for now).  I've priced out an Ikea table Alex with Amon and a Helmer.  Don't think i have enough polishes for a Helmer yet and nor do i need a whole bunch more colors either?  I like having different colors but not a huge fan of having the same colors that almost match each other.  Oh there is some colors i do want and was surprised when my last count was 88 polishes(approximately) plus the last haul i might be into the 90's but i need a better setup.  Hence the thought about a Helmer but maybe i should get a rack from transdesign.  Oh now to actual map out the room to make sure i have room for my room makeover.

Choices, you want/own a Helmer or polish rack which is your preference?

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Rambling about my week

Hey everyone, seems like i am running around with just too much things to do lately.  This weekend i planned on getting lots done but then i just didn't have enough time.    I honestly wanted to take of my dim sum plum mani, but i think it started to chip before i got pics.  I do have another mani i did, which  will download pics tomorrow night.  It's time for bed now.

I have a new roomie with 2 female cats and it's been a bit of an adventure and this evening just realized that my male cat is spraying in about 3 spots in the basement.  So it's cleanup mode and try to stop this spraying.  The cats are doing great together, they really try to work it out, they have little issues to work out and nothing that time won't fix.   Upon my internet searching found i need to give more affection and not take away the normal routine. So that will mean that Joey can go outside for the evening when he wants, the kitty litter will be cleaned daily and i also realized that i wasn't giving Joey (my male cat) the nighty treat that was a sometimes every night treat, but it starts tonight that i return to a daily nighttime treat.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Canadian Day long weekend Haul

While visiting family in Alberta on my mini vacation (extended Canadian long weekend),  i had a shopping day with Mom and she wanted to stop at Green Apple (which looked a lot like a Chatters).  I had to google at the nail polish display.
I purchased 4 new OPI beauts

black shatter
Dim Sum Plum
Pirates of the Carribean - Planks a lot
Pirates of the Carribean - Sparrow me the drama

I'll take pics tomorrow and upload after my 5 1/2 hour drive home.
The mani i wore after this haul was the Dim Sum Plum, *i love*  topped with the black shatter.  This mani had some staying power, about 3 days,   which is remarkable for my nails lately. Three nails have very noticeable wear.  I wonder if the staying power has to do with me not at work and not doing any dishes...i'm thinking so. (oh don't think i was a lazy bum - i did the drying of the dishes, Dad just wanted to wash)

And after chatting nail polish with my cousin at the annual "Smash the cars up rally"  she informed me that she can purchase any polish for me for cost with her nail tech licence so that would mean OPI $5 instead of $10....woohoo, i will be taking her up on this offer, just would have to be patient for the shipping or wait until another trip down to Alberta or her to come to Saskatchewan.