Monday, October 25, 2010

Haul over the last week (actually two weeks ago)

Dotting tools from Ebay....

Stickers from Claire's (buy one get second half price)

Claire's mood color changing in wild/calm, Claire's Rain drops From Sally's - Orly Shimmering Mauve and Nina Ultra Pro Leaf me Alone and the Sally girl  pink sparkles and From JQ from Flippery Digits - blue art deco in Royal Blue
I wore the mood color changing polish and loved the effect but hated that it didn't last more than a day. the next day i played with some konad and tried topping one nail with the sally's pink sparkles but it was muh.  Sorry didn't get photos at all.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

My attempt on the Cute Frankenstein Nails for Halloween

Goldiestarling did a tutorial for Halloween, since i purchased this green in my latest haul (next post i promise)  decided to try this design. on the right hand i did the eyes differently but i like them better than the left hand.

right thumb
left hand
left thumb
left fingers

Products used:
Nina Ultra Pro - Leaf me Alone
Rimmel Black Satin (for hair)
Black Kiss Nail art (for outline of hair and pupils and mouth)
White Kiss Nail art (for eyes)
Top coat - Seche Vite

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dotting Tools arrived

I had my dotting tools arrive from Ebay so of course i had to do a dotting mani on Monday evening.Had no rhyme or reason but to use my dotting tools, decided to use one base color and stay with one color and use two the blue and green dotting tools (both ends)

Started out fancy on the pointer finger using a row of bigger size dots, then the second size down with the third size down row. (the last the tip has now been worn)

so after i got all the dots i went upstairs to more overhead light to notice that the China Glaze Japanese Koi i thought i bought was actually China Glaze Neon Orange.  Kinda disappointed it was not the Japanese Koi.  Guess that's my fault for not checking the bottom of the bottle in Sally's.  The pinky is a mini dot swatch to compare the Neon Orange to my OPI Brights Power.  In the bottle they looked similiar but on the base of grey not so similiar at all.

Base color: Avon Urban Grey
Dots:  China Glaze Neon Orange

Please forgive the chips.  I took these pics on Wedn evening.  I'm still having issues with the seche vite...i think if i remember to always wrap my base coat and then wrap the seche vite and do a second seche vite this may stop my chipping issues.  I really want the seche vite to work the way some people love it to work.

What mani to do tonight?...not a lot of time after my meeting....halloween or breast cancer or one of my new colors....oh yah time to take pics of my haul...from Avon and Sally's Beauty Supplies(our city just opened one in the last month) and Claire's.

Now it's past my bedtime at 11:00, my roommate and me got chatting for an hour and 3/4 so i am shaping and removing now.  Maybe i'll have time for a base coat but i really should head to bed.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Halloween Mani - first attempt

I attempted a halloween mani on thursday.  It was fun to do but i need so much more practice with making thin lines.   Thanks to Simply Rins for the inspiration for the spider and dollface22772 for the youtube tutorial on the spiderwebs.  I still have to practice a lot more to get as good as these ladies. forget who's idea was the ghost. (will link later when i remember/find it)

I was lazy with the second finger...(i messed up and then left it cause i thought it might look like a broom) i also forgot top coat...notice the tip wear from one day without top coat.

Right hand thumb nail .... (my non-dominant hand) also not sure why the seche vite decided to bubble in the inside circle lines.

Don't show pinky finger in this pic but it was just white.

I'm a little behind in posting some mani's but mostly cause they haven't lasted long enough to take pictures, (still troubles with peeling or seche vite) or it's just nail color without stamping or freehand design, (i'm not good enough to show swatches yet)

Will be attempting a football theme tonight.  I already have the base color on, but i see the seche vite really shrinks with this San Francisco sinful color. **** Friday evening Update**** Wow this color really doesn't last more than a day the tips were showing so bad that i removed 5 polish from my fingers.  I was going to paint my design tonight(Friday) for the Sunday game but  i'm hoping that it will last till then, (it might as i don't work tomorrow and i think the tip wear is from all the paper filing and typing)

Base Color - Funny Bunny OPI
Lines/Design - Black Kiss nail art paint
Top coat - Seche Vite

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

No Room for the Blues + tips

This is Tuesday's mani. Very simple to do and classy. Lots of compliments from people, my chiropractor's receptionist was intrigued today and thought i had talent. It has to do with the right brushes, technique, knowledge and practice. I have little talent compared to the blogs i follow...i'm practicing.  i told her where to get the kiss nail art pens.  they are wonderful, i recommend them.

Base -  OPI No room for the blues  2 coats
Tips - Kiss Nail art paint in black white and silver
Top coat - Seche Vite

I'm pretty impressed it's been a full working day and no tip wear...think i applied the Seche Vite correctly this time.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Tiger print nails

This weekend i did tiger print design on my nails. But silly me forgot my camera in my best friend's car so pics will have to wait until tomorrow. Kinda disappointed in this mani as i forgot to wrap the polish of my base color and the seche vite hence the mani didn't last more than one day on three nails on right hand - redo those fingers and the next day the left hand had chips, so here it is Sunday night and i'm doing another mani, which is okay too as then i can do another design. Oh what base color and what to do...Konad or freehand or no design just polish?? below ...warning heavy pics

Ignore the ring finger with the dried Seche Vite on the cuticle.

Ignore the cat hair that crept into the pic.
This was one half day later...see the tips

Favorite nail was the pinky, it was also the last nail of the mani.

Redo of the three tips

I will be trying this mani again some time and hopefully i can keep the mani more than 2 days.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Trick or Polish? a Halloween giveaway

Painted lady fingers is holding a contest here.

I would love some Halloween plates.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Light a candle + M64

Base: Nicole by OPI - Light a candle (3 coats cause i forgot to immediately put on Seche Vite top coat)
Konad: Royal blue or purple
IP: M64
Top coat: Seche Vite
Rhinestones: Silver

this stamp was so fun, my thumb nails are a little too wide for it, but next time i will center it more on the thumbnail (i was a little left sided on both thumbs).
Loving this combo and impressed that this mani has lasted until 3 days