Monday, May 30, 2011

New BM Stamp Mani with Commander in Chic

I love this color.  It's gorgeous, purple but like a muted purple with grey/lavender mixed in.  (Edit...the color is lavender, follow the link to Eva below, she has great images)
I visited JQ from flippery digits on Sunday and we ended up playing with our nails...huh you ask two nail bloggers playing with their nails that's unheard of.  I got to sample the new BM plates and i am lemming them right now and they will be mine (as soon as i have a roommate with a deposit in hand)...oh i digress.  Also got to cruise JQ's stash, so much polish, so many colors, so many more than me.  I learnt some tricks in the night too.  How to layer polish, how i should stamp very quickly and not fuss so much about placement, how to be patient and let the nails dry, how doing nails with a friend is very fun & handy especially when you get a cotton ball fuzz stuck to the wet polish of the ring nail;  she was able to acetone my nail and i got to save all the other nails...i have such bad luck with that sometimes.

Okay, let's get to the mani pics already.

These pics are not base color accurate in the pic this looks brown  but in real life the nails are light lavender (Eva's link).

What's with the thumb fuzz...damn unforgiving camera.

no topcoat

Our much room

Base coat - Sally Hansen Complete Salon Commander in Chic
Stamp color - Gosh Metallic Purple
Plates - BM205 & Konad M60
Topcoated with Konad tc and Seche Vite

Thanks for reading, what you think of the mani?
Wait till you see what JQ did!! It was awesome and so fun to watch her develop it and have so much fun in the process.