Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tuesday Nail of the day - fishnet stockings & M3

I wasn't sure what design to do on my nails, so i started with the base coat of Light a candle. then watched youtube for ideas. (i have a lot of cleanup to do around the nails...this is something i forget to do and the pictures show me how bad it really looks)

I wanted to try to use my kiss nailart paint so i found this fishnet design. It was a tutorial from glamerousGabby that i viewed . She speaks German but she has subtitles on this one and it was a good tutorial to watch.
I decided to do every second nail as it was getting late and i should have gone to bed, so i thought every second nail would speed up the process.
But then i continued to play and add glitter and rhinestones and made a mess out of this above ring fingernail. If i do this fishnet design again i will ensure my base color only has one layer or the base on the tips has only one layer as the black tips are already chipping one day later. But then again i just chipped a nail before soccer too so it's time to shorten all my nails. *boo some of them where getting very long*
Decided i had to do something on the non fishnet nails, so i used M3 for some simple hearts using the same Rimmel black. The hearts are much more faded than if i would have used the konad special polish...*i need black konad special polish and silver glitter nailart paint and white nailart paint*

Products used:
Nicole - light a candle
Rimmel black
Kiss nail art - black
Konad Top coat silver glitter
Used Konad image plate M3

today was a beautiful day in Saskatchewan, so beautiful these flowers decided to open up. they are sungoddess'. These are new flowers to me, that i planted this year...can't remember the name to them right now. I absolutely love them, they usually only open up when the sun is shining all day long. I will be planting these again next year, but in a bigger pot.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Play Fair & Konad

Tuesday 3 nights ago i did this mani.

Base coat - Nicole by OPI Play Fair
Konad - purple or dark blue (how am i suppose to remember does the no. on the bottom of the bottle mean anything?)
Image plate - M2

Can't say this was the best mani i've done. the stamper was not picking up the small stars. Can the image plates wear out? I thought it was cleaned up with nail polish remover. Also, i left a lot of blue specks around the images. Forgive the tips as it's day 3 wearing this mani and i still haven't found the perfect base coat for wear time, seems 3 days is my max till the tips start to lose the color. This time i even tried to paint the outer edge and base coat the outer edge too. And it looks like i need to do something about my cuticles.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Polish Haul

Over the weekend, i found a sale on Nicole by OPI at Shoppers Drug Mart, i picked up the yellow for $3Cdn and $7.99 for the remaining colors.

Light a Candle
Play Fair
Make mine lime
Yellow it's me

Did a swatch on my nails.
needed three coats of the yellow it's me and Make mine lime.

Also picked up a Nicole Stic thinking it was a thin brush or dotting tool applicator. But it's just nailpolish in a stick, works alright but the color is very muted, little bit of pink but mostly cloudy (white) color. (forgot to do a swatch with this one)

These colors didn't stay on my nails long as i forgot to put the topcoat and started to dig in my flowerbed, hence to say my tips were looking a little loss of color. So i took these swatches off after two days.

Did a new mani with Konad last night? I'm enjoying it will take pics soon.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Just tips

I have recently discovered my konad stamping art system again and became a little obsessed with watching youtube videos and reading blogs. One of the blogs i follow posts a challenge weekly and just so happens that the night before when i did a new mani i actually did the challenge. So i figured it was time to start a blog for my new addiction. Here is my recent challenge to Polish Horder Disorder (PHD).

sorry for the bad quality of the picture.

This design is not my own it was a version from the queen eileen

I used these for the design.

Amoresse - Ms Arizona
black Kiss Nail Art Paint
Top Coat - OPI


next post i got new polish on sale!!!