Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tuesday's NOTD and nail polish haul

Wow, i'm finally posting pictures faster than before. yah for me.

I was freehanding on Tuesday, i'm not in love with this, i like my right hand much better, then looked again and it was more one half lavender/one half hunky dunky. After all that polish i decided the top coat could wait till the morning and guess what i forgot the top coat until mid afternoon and already the tips are wearing. (Damn office job, can't blame that either as i wasn't shuffling paper in the morning as i was in a learning campaign) I know that i need to paint the free edge and do a top coat even if i don't like the design. I'm tempted to remove this tonight (wednesday) and start simply with a base coat.

Base - Mary Kay signature - Lavender Moon
Top Coat - OPI Hunky Dunky
Kiss - white and glitter for the strips/lines

Nail Polish Haul

I'm a little excited, i got the Seche vite for $4.99Cdn a 50% discount. the Top coat $9.99Cdn i had to purchase at full price. The pink Sinful Colors was discount to $2.99Cdn. Green was purchased at regular price of $5.99Cdn. These are my first purchases of both Seche Vite and Sinful colors i'm so tempted to do my nails again but it's already 10:15am and i need sleep


  1. Ooooh! Seche Vite at 50%!! May I ask where?

    Cool nails I really love the first shot of your thumb. Can't wait to see the Sinful Colors mani!

  2. JQ: Of course, it was Lawson Heights London Drugs - the clearance bin is in the back wall. Just got on Thursday, i'm sure there is still some left - i got the thinner, base coat and nail strengthener all for 50%.

  3. Oh it's good to know London Drugs carries those brands! That's so cool! Thankyouthankyou. :)