Sunday, July 10, 2011

Rambling about my week

Hey everyone, seems like i am running around with just too much things to do lately.  This weekend i planned on getting lots done but then i just didn't have enough time.    I honestly wanted to take of my dim sum plum mani, but i think it started to chip before i got pics.  I do have another mani i did, which  will download pics tomorrow night.  It's time for bed now.

I have a new roomie with 2 female cats and it's been a bit of an adventure and this evening just realized that my male cat is spraying in about 3 spots in the basement.  So it's cleanup mode and try to stop this spraying.  The cats are doing great together, they really try to work it out, they have little issues to work out and nothing that time won't fix.   Upon my internet searching found i need to give more affection and not take away the normal routine. So that will mean that Joey can go outside for the evening when he wants, the kitty litter will be cleaned daily and i also realized that i wasn't giving Joey (my male cat) the nighty treat that was a sometimes every night treat, but it starts tonight that i return to a daily nighttime treat.

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