Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pics of mini Haul

Here is the pretty's - 5 polishes from The Tutti Gelati Summer Collection by Borghese

Berry Confezione
Tutti Gelati

($20.00 CDN)

Going to do a new mani tonight not exactly sure of the color to use yet, but as i'm heading to the lake tomorrow i think i will try to match the swimsuit.

Nail Tek Foundation II - to help the peeling issues - didn't realize this was a knockoff or cheaper version of the Nailtiques Foundation II ($9.00 CDN)

And from the fringe i found cheap strands of beads for $3 each.  Normally at Michael's or Walmart these beads would cost from $4.97 to $6.97 especially the bigger sized beads.

Found a cool light switch  plate - got ripped off $10.00 i think find out it was a sticker placed on a lightswitch plate and the corners are a little exposed.

Well my Roughriders are playing tonight, so i better get infront of the TV.  Oh and do the nails while watching the game.  I'll post pics of the completed mani later.


  1. Ahhh the Fringe! I completely forgot that is going on now!! Good finds (: - The light switch cover is gorgeous - hopefully the corners that are exposed aren't too bad!!

    Annnnnd.. the riders.. sadface!!

  2. Borghese! Almost got these last time I went too! :) That green is killer. Let me know how they work for you? I haven't got any of this brand yet. Sorry to have missed the Fringe ENTIRELY but had a good time at the family reunion. :)