Friday, July 15, 2011

Another Ramble

All week long i wanted to apply polish to the nails but the tv has drawn me in.  I'm addicted to So you think you can dance.  I love both the US version and the Cdn Version but all this tv watching has keep me from painting the nails.  My usual nail station is in front of my computer desk. Which is upstairs away from any tv's.  Not the greatest setup but it works (for now).  I've priced out an Ikea table Alex with Amon and a Helmer.  Don't think i have enough polishes for a Helmer yet and nor do i need a whole bunch more colors either?  I like having different colors but not a huge fan of having the same colors that almost match each other.  Oh there is some colors i do want and was surprised when my last count was 88 polishes(approximately) plus the last haul i might be into the 90's but i need a better setup.  Hence the thought about a Helmer but maybe i should get a rack from transdesign.  Oh now to actual map out the room to make sure i have room for my room makeover.

Choices, you want/own a Helmer or polish rack which is your preference?

1 comment:

  1. I have not seen SYTYCD this season! I know If I had watched even one I would be glued to my tv.
    I badly want a helmer. :)