Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Neon Nails

Thanks to the tutorial from:

Queen of blendingMUA

I like it but i could do better next time. Next time i would like to make the black strip lines thinner and make sure the black shatter (middle finger) was a thinner coat, not use the disco ball on each nail and only use for an accent nail.

Polish used:
Base coat - Witch Craft Protein Hardener
Forgot to add a base after this which might have made the white not dry
Base of Avon French tip white (not a good layering polish)
Sally Hansen Hard as Nails -  Hot Magenta & Disco Ball
China glaze Turned Up Turquoise (Neon) Orange Knockout (Neon)
OPI Funky Dunky
Black striping polish and switched to my striping brush with Sally Hansen Black out - my LA color Black Striping polish is getting thick, it was starting to leave a strand of polish from the brush to the bottle...time to try out the thinner to make it better.

Here's some kitty love (excuse the mess, i'm in process of cleaning) This is my cat Joey is on my bed and Niai (roomie's cat) is the black cat on floor.  Pic taken this evening.  No hissing - just observing each other, this was taken shortly after i played with both cat separately with the green frog on the wand. (in picture on floor).  I'm super excited cause this is an amazing steps to them getting along.  Niah did push the envelope even further to attempted to jump on the bed (closest to the wall) and Joey started to hiss and haulted Niah in her tracks.  Niah then stood her ground on the floor before walking away

This is Kala looking all cute on the railing in the hallway

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  1. I absolutely love the pattern you made on your nails, it's very artistic like :D And, of course, I love all the kitties goodness ^__^ they are soooooo cute :)