Sunday, July 3, 2011

Canadian Day long weekend Haul

While visiting family in Alberta on my mini vacation (extended Canadian long weekend),  i had a shopping day with Mom and she wanted to stop at Green Apple (which looked a lot like a Chatters).  I had to google at the nail polish display.
I purchased 4 new OPI beauts

black shatter
Dim Sum Plum
Pirates of the Carribean - Planks a lot
Pirates of the Carribean - Sparrow me the drama

I'll take pics tomorrow and upload after my 5 1/2 hour drive home.
The mani i wore after this haul was the Dim Sum Plum, *i love*  topped with the black shatter.  This mani had some staying power, about 3 days,   which is remarkable for my nails lately. Three nails have very noticeable wear.  I wonder if the staying power has to do with me not at work and not doing any dishes...i'm thinking so. (oh don't think i was a lazy bum - i did the drying of the dishes, Dad just wanted to wash)

And after chatting nail polish with my cousin at the annual "Smash the cars up rally"  she informed me that she can purchase any polish for me for cost with her nail tech licence so that would mean OPI $5 instead of $10....woohoo, i will be taking her up on this offer, just would have to be patient for the shipping or wait until another trip down to Alberta or her to come to Saskatchewan.

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