Friday, February 4, 2011

New Pics added

Finally, a nail polish that is worthy of posting pics.   I've been painting the nails since my last post but not extremely happy with them so i didn't even take pictures.  The last polish CHI didn't last a work day so it wasn't worthy of pics.  Think the CHI needed three coats of polish as my peeling nail was peeking through the polish.

 I'll post pics later tonight of the current OPI polish.  I might try some nailart on it later but the bead bracelet i promised my friend's  8 year daughter must come first.

Also will post my zentangles later this weekend....what is zentangles? you may ask,  i'll explain that too.

edit...i might have spoke too soon, i forgot to wrap my nail polish over the free edge and i have tips showing the seche vite QD shrinkage strikes again.

Base coat:  OPI Over the taupe & Log on to love

Love the color combination but dislike the shrinkage, going to try to fix by adding a french tip in red art deco.


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