Sunday, February 27, 2011

Broadway Nails

Thanks to flippery digits for the short broadway nails to try.  Thought as the nails aren't growing and breaking constantly it was time to try this out.  This was my friday night, making sure i had the time to dedicate myself to the process.

All setup,  ready to start

Started on the left hand as i always start on the left.  Pinky done, just found i had to wait 10 seconds to set instead of five.  moved onto ring finger and not a problem, moved onto middle finger,  np  Then ......

Too much glue, caused the nail to stick to my right pointer finger

Glad the acetone and cotton balls were handy, some patience and soaking helped remove the nail without removing too much skin on the right pointer fingertip.

Alright let's do this again.  The nail isn't too damaged lets reuse it.

Second attempt at the right index finger and this time was a doozy
I didn't learn from the first gluing of the nail to my index finger so i did it again but i ended up gluing my left index finger pad to my right thumb pad and the nail to my right middle finger....okay don't panic acetone and cotton balls are near by, roommate is downstairs if need be. grab the acetone soak cotton ball, stick on stuck fingers.  then *can you believe this* i grabbed camera to try to take a pic of my stuck fingers, couldn't figure out how to work the camera , then  decided to grab the acetone to take to bathroom in case i want to pour the whole acetone directly onto the stuck fingers.  Well didn't get need the roomie to help me out, as cotton balls, q-tips, acetone and patience helped get the fingers unstuck.    then onto removing the nail from the finger again. Tried to be patience but found if i lifted the nail a bit it lost a little bit more skin on the right pointer. With all the acetone it took the finish off the nail so lets look for another nail in the package, no other size 4 let's try size 5 instead, oh what do you know i don't even need to file it down either.

So i tried a third time to put a nail on that index finger, less glue and use the orange stick to help press down and voila....

No more stuck fingers or stuck nails to fingers, it went smooth from there.

My soccer game today as goalie i did end up losing the right middle finger but it popped off very nicely, without taking my natural nail with it. hurt for a while during the game. It's about 6 hours later and i feel no pain on that nail....
Well not it's time to fix the right middle finger again but i have to be careful with the acetone as i don't want to wreck the other nails in the process and i don't think gluing over top of glue would be a good decision.

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