Monday, January 17, 2011

Snow me White, Orange Knockout

Ignore the thumb, heavy with second coat, love this pinky flower, pointer went a little more crazy with the Orange Knockout

I gave up on my "try other top coats before purchasing Seche Vite".  The last mani  i did, didn't even get photos as it was a total fail.  I did a Seche Clear base with OPI Funky Dunky with OPI top coat followed by OPI drip dry.  This mani didn't want to dry at all and by morning almost all nails had bubbles all over them or sheet marks.I can't handle doing a mani and having it fail by morning time and this is the reason i haven't been polishing as much as i usually do these last number of weeks.

So, on my quest to get Seche Vite yesterday (Sunday), i got the last Seche Vite bottle and i finally know where to pick up more Seche Vite, Yah.  I wasn't going to purchase polish but it's hard to pass up a sale and i found this Sinful colors originally $5.99 sale price $1.99 at a Pharmacy in my city, they had a lot of clearance items - even Seche Vite Restore, Clear, etc. (*London Drugs 8th St for the locals followers)

I ended up finding a very good white polish for my collection. I wanted a good white base polish that i could top with other colors, i found the right polish.  This one could have easy been a one coater but i prefer two coats and some nails were a little thin or spotted, so two coats it was.  After i got the white on the nails i needed something to tone down the white (*my skin is too pale for white), original thought was black but then the orange apparently was calling my name.  I used China Glaze Orange Knockout (Neon) for the flowers and such. The dots were started with OPI Bright Powers, then every second dot was re-dotted with the Orange Knockout. A lot of people at work noticed these nails, the Orange Knockout does what the name says it stands out.   Please forgive the cuticles haven't been treating them well and it's very cold here in the Prairies the last number of weeks.

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  1. ORANNNNNNNNGE! :D I'm diggin the flowers. :)