Sunday, February 13, 2011

OPI Log on to Love & Rimmel Black Satin

This is my Friday mani and my only valentine mani...i wasn't going to do one but viewing everyone else on my blogroll v-day mani's i had to go with the flow.

Base coat - OPI  Log on to Love
French tips - Rimmel Black satin
Nail Art - Sally Hansen black nail art pen
Top Coat - Seche Vite

Sorry for the cathair and looks like i needed to do more cleanup before i took pics.  I honestly did some cleanup just forgot the camera sees all.

*I'm happy with this black Sally Hansen pen seems to work much better than my white one ever did, now just need to practice with it.

I need to credit this design as my inspiration came from canadian nail fanatic.I wasn't trying to duplicate this mani it just happened.  I wanted to try the french tip technique that Chloe's  had posted in her tutorial using scotch easy except the thumb nail wasn't drying and once i removed the scotch tape the base coat came with it.  Had to do the thumb twice and the second time the base coat peeled again, but this time i just painted the base coat onto the nail instead of redoing the nail. Funny cause all the other nails were dry and had no problems.

Happy Valentine's Day.


  1. Is it me or does this strikingly resemble some of your zen tangles you were showing me before?

    I still need to go look those up!

  2. Yeah the ring finger one is one of the zentangle patterns i was showing you, but the thumb pattern was just playing and then tried to make a flower but made the long lines the wrong way and then it needs something so the circle of dots was added last.