Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Private Jet & CND Copper Shimmer

This week i wore the Broadway nails, around Wednesday the tips were starting to wear so it was time for some polish.  Here is OPI, My Private Jet - i'm not sure what version of My Private Jet i have but it's black with shimmery sparkles.

more true looking color

On the other hand i topped it with CND Copper Shimmer - it totally changed the color, my personal preference was the original MPJ without the copper shimmer.

I was really impressed with the broadway nails i applied them on Sunday and it was only Friday when my thumb nails started to pop off with slight pressure.  I'm sure i could have glued on the thumbs again and keep them on for the weekend but i was ready for them to be removed.

I recommend the purchase of  the acetone jar of polish remover.   I tried to use the cotton balls with acetone, but it took way to long to remove.  So i started to force the nails to pop off before i acetone-d the other hand.  Don't do that as i've now damaged those nails. (see below).  I should have watched this youtube video by beechbum before removing my fake nails too.

the ring finger has the huge white line almost the whole way across the middle and finger have damage but not so bad.
middle finger, oh i haven't shaped the nails yet either sorry looks awful.
damage on pinky

Might be offline for a little bit, have to hook up my wireless internet modem tomorrow night, as the roommate is moving out, she purchased her own place.  i will have the townhouse to myself for a while.  Hopefully only for the rest of the month, so far no interest on someone to share accommodations with me.  Wish me luck in finding a good roommate.

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