Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Venus + soccer gloves + konad = double fail

This is Avon nailwear Pro - Venus.  I applied two coats and was very unhappy with the streakness, wonder if i went three if it would have evened out.  The only two nails that are not streaky are the thumb and the pinky (on the last two pictures.

I wore this for one day.

then evening of first day decided to try to konad them to savage the mani.
Here is my attempt.  My black konad color was awful, the color keep drying to the stamper or not transfering.  I have a new stamper and tried the trick of running the nail file across the rubber stamp. Tried to use half the plate image of m64 to try to recreate simply rins design. Well i had lots of trouble with the polish not adhering to the nail so i attempted to double stamp some areas on the nails and well look at the pics you will see what happened. Question for the konad addicts; do you have the special polish and have you had a ugly formula.  Think maybe it's time to look for another black polish to use in my stamping.

 pointer finger is really worn as i had soccer last night (right after i did this konad) and i play goalie so my hands were in the keeper gloves. Attempted to put the silver konad top coat on the middle finger as it was really not a straight konad stamp.

Sorry that some pics are not focused, and disregard the cuticles.  Having some dry hand issues this fall time.
Tonight i'm attempting my nail art for Simply Rins  one year blog anniversary contest.


  1. That stinks that you didn't have a good nail day. :(

    I'm not a konad queen or nothing, but I love Color Club Where's the Soiree or Wet n Wild Black Creme to konad with. The Color Club is my preferred because I think it's higher quality, but the WnW is good when I can't find the Color Club.
    Both are dark and stamp really well, and I hear they're easier to clean off the plate than the Konad special paint. I hope that helps!

  2. Hi, Alikat! :)

    I think it's good to have the white and black Konad special polish. I haven't found a black polish that's opaque like the Konad's.

    I'll wait for your entry for the nail art contest! :)