Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday is Yoga in No Room

I'm so excited, it's sunday night and i created a very pretty, not planned, well besides a rough plan using OPI "No Room for the blues", and OPI "Yoga-ta get this blue" and one size (the pink) dotting tool and thought for a freehand diagonal line for division of each color.  Applied the seche vite, cleanuped, DL pics and upload to bed and off to bed - almost 2.5 hours later, (i really need to improve this time).   Just hope this mani doesn't chip after tomorrow's work day is done. Having some peeling issues with a couple of my nails...anyone have any tips in this regard?  Is it time to give the polish on my nails a break?

at first i thought to do a diagonal line but tried to change it up so it was kinda swiggly. as you can see by the time i got to the left hand i was mostly doing diagonal again.

 left hand
 right hand
 left thumb

Will try for some daylight pictures tomorrow. as these aren't great.

1 comment:

  1. Ooo two blues! :) I think I like the straight up diagonals the best. Your dots are looking pretty uniform! :)