Monday, November 22, 2010

My little unpolished broken nails

It was time to file down all my nails; the left hand had many nails that were very tiny anyways and i have this peeling issue i'm trying to get rid of.  As you can see i have discoloration of the nails.  (half of them yellow, with growth that is not yellowed...that is when i started to use the Seche Vite thickener & base coat before each mani) i'm going to try to leave them unpolished for a while maybe that will help to soften up the yellowing...but from what i've read on other blogs  i need to wait till the nails grow out past the yellow parts. What is your gals take on yellow nails? and how to treat? or if i can.

i have to file this thumb down even more

Notice the damage that i did to the left thumb.....the culprit is below in the next picture

Side view - Note for me*when wire wrapping a stone do not use your thumb nail even if the instructions tell you to.


  1. I'm slowly waiting for mine to grow out too, though I just chopped them off recently so that will help! :) I heard baking soda in water somewhere, but I think you'd have to do ti every day to see any results.

  2. Oh no! I'm sure it will grow back soon! :)