Friday, November 26, 2010

a little mini update

i have managed to keep polish off my nails for an entire week.  Yah me, but it really has made this blog very unexciting.  The yellow on my nails don't look as bad and i might have been able to stop the peeling tips.   I am so ready for a color this weekend, but it will not be amazing but it will include a base color of green (Rider green) and maybe some konad or a nailart.  It will be to support our Saskatchewan Roughriders as they are in the grey cup finales on Sunday start time 6:00pm.  Go Riders Go. Yah friend's housewarming/Grey cup party.
The nailart depends on how alert and untired i will be on Sunday morning/afternoon; as tomorrow is way to busy of a day - Santa's Breakfast volunteering from 730am-11:15am then off to soccer game for the 2nd game of the tournament for the Girls Under 16 Soccer (i'm assistant coach)12-1, then checking out the Weaver's Guild and try to pick up some amazing jewelry from JQ at flippery digits/ hearts on fibre (there is 2 separate links back there);  then back home to relax for a bit and off to my coed soccer game at 6:00pm and have some drinks with the team afterwards.   Wow that sounds just too much as I'm typing it, how do people try to manage schedules like this.

Well stay tuned for a nail manicure in the next 2 days.

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