Sunday, October 3, 2010

Tiger print nails

This weekend i did tiger print design on my nails. But silly me forgot my camera in my best friend's car so pics will have to wait until tomorrow. Kinda disappointed in this mani as i forgot to wrap the polish of my base color and the seche vite hence the mani didn't last more than one day on three nails on right hand - redo those fingers and the next day the left hand had chips, so here it is Sunday night and i'm doing another mani, which is okay too as then i can do another design. Oh what base color and what to do...Konad or freehand or no design just polish?? below ...warning heavy pics

Ignore the ring finger with the dried Seche Vite on the cuticle.

Ignore the cat hair that crept into the pic.
This was one half day later...see the tips

Favorite nail was the pinky, it was also the last nail of the mani.

Redo of the three tips

I will be trying this mani again some time and hopefully i can keep the mani more than 2 days.

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  1. Rawr! Tiger tips are awesome. On my list of things I need to try!