Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dotting Tools arrived

I had my dotting tools arrive from Ebay so of course i had to do a dotting mani on Monday evening.Had no rhyme or reason but to use my dotting tools, decided to use one base color and stay with one color and use two the blue and green dotting tools (both ends)

Started out fancy on the pointer finger using a row of bigger size dots, then the second size down with the third size down row. (the last the tip has now been worn)

so after i got all the dots i went upstairs to more overhead light to notice that the China Glaze Japanese Koi i thought i bought was actually China Glaze Neon Orange.  Kinda disappointed it was not the Japanese Koi.  Guess that's my fault for not checking the bottom of the bottle in Sally's.  The pinky is a mini dot swatch to compare the Neon Orange to my OPI Brights Power.  In the bottle they looked similiar but on the base of grey not so similiar at all.

Base color: Avon Urban Grey
Dots:  China Glaze Neon Orange

Please forgive the chips.  I took these pics on Wedn evening.  I'm still having issues with the seche vite...i think if i remember to always wrap my base coat and then wrap the seche vite and do a second seche vite this may stop my chipping issues.  I really want the seche vite to work the way some people love it to work.

What mani to do tonight?...not a lot of time after my meeting....halloween or breast cancer or one of my new colors....oh yah time to take pics of my haul...from Avon and Sally's Beauty Supplies(our city just opened one in the last month) and Claire's.

Now it's past my bedtime at 11:00, my roommate and me got chatting for an hour and 3/4 so i am shaping and removing now.  Maybe i'll have time for a base coat but i really should head to bed.


  1. Oooh exciting! I have yet to order these! Can't wait to see all your pics. :)

  2. I like this look (:

    And waitaminute!! Stoon has a Sally's?! Whaa?!

  3. @ Delaynee it just opened on Thanksgiving weekend. It's by the new Supercenter Walmart beside the Bulk Barn. It looks like a smaller store but they have Orly, China Glaze and Ultra for nailpolish brands.

  4. Ohhh my!! Whelp, I know where I need to be then (:


  5. I LOVE Sally's!! I also love what you did with the dotter tool! Even though the colour isn't the koi you were looking for- the grey and orange look fabu together- so retro!