Friday, October 15, 2010

Halloween Mani - first attempt

I attempted a halloween mani on thursday.  It was fun to do but i need so much more practice with making thin lines.   Thanks to Simply Rins for the inspiration for the spider and dollface22772 for the youtube tutorial on the spiderwebs.  I still have to practice a lot more to get as good as these ladies. forget who's idea was the ghost. (will link later when i remember/find it)

I was lazy with the second finger...(i messed up and then left it cause i thought it might look like a broom) i also forgot top coat...notice the tip wear from one day without top coat.

Right hand thumb nail .... (my non-dominant hand) also not sure why the seche vite decided to bubble in the inside circle lines.

Don't show pinky finger in this pic but it was just white.

I'm a little behind in posting some mani's but mostly cause they haven't lasted long enough to take pictures, (still troubles with peeling or seche vite) or it's just nail color without stamping or freehand design, (i'm not good enough to show swatches yet)

Will be attempting a football theme tonight.  I already have the base color on, but i see the seche vite really shrinks with this San Francisco sinful color. **** Friday evening Update**** Wow this color really doesn't last more than a day the tips were showing so bad that i removed 5 polish from my fingers.  I was going to paint my design tonight(Friday) for the Sunday game but  i'm hoping that it will last till then, (it might as i don't work tomorrow and i think the tip wear is from all the paper filing and typing)

Base Color - Funny Bunny OPI
Lines/Design - Black Kiss nail art paint
Top coat - Seche Vite


  1. Now we both have crab spiders! :P

    I think your 1st Halloween mani is rockin'! :)

  2. Black and white is always my fave mani! Sometimes i think I could live with just black and white polish! Had much fun at coffee with you! :) William and I got home smoothly!

  3. PS: Does anyone else get a weird kick out of some of these word verifications? :P

  4. thanks ladies, i liked my crab spider.

    JQ i had so much fun at coffee, but my legs were so tired after our mini mall walk, William wore me out even though you were running after him. Glad you got home successfully.

    most of the word verification aren't actual words that i understand or think are words :~

  5. This is adorable! And I think for a first attempt it's great! I know my first attempt sucked so bad that I rarely do freehand nail art, LOL.