Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Real Teal

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Extreme wear - The real teal
Black tip - Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro
Designs - Black silkline
Topcoat - SV

I wore the The real Teal for a day or two then the tipwear was driving me crazy so i attempted the scotch tape technique that Erika does over at Chloe Nails.  My lines aren't completely straight (level) but i was okay with it, as i've only tried this method a couple times. Some nails had more wear lower than the french so i had to try to cover them up so i used black silk line & kept adding lines till i had a design i liked (or could live with for another day). Just so happened that 3 nails out of the 4 were the thumb or ring finger that needed extra tlc.


  1. That's cute and I like the drippy/vinelike lines! Tip wear argh. :P

  2. one of the most awful manicures ive ever seen....