Thursday, March 31, 2011 haul (no pics yet)

I have a new mani to post (on the weekend), just need to upload the pics.

Thursday night i went on a shopping spree...well not really spree...two stores but it did put a small dent in the pocketbook.  I'll take pics of my new haul - purse, necklace, scarf, 3 dawgs, 2 sweaters, 2 wrap t-shirts, 1 shell.  I shouldn't have gotten it all but it was all on sale.  Dawgs were last season stuff and Cleo had some sale rake stuff with an additional 50% off, hence why i went and purchased a purse, necklace and scarf (which also was discounted)

And i do have some new nailpolish colors i purchased in the last months.  I should do some swatches/reviews soon.

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