Sunday, January 2, 2011

OPI - My Private Jet & Log on to Love

left hand

left thumb

Right hand - the ring finger was supposed to match the left with the three lines but my un-steady hand messed it up on the first i thought lets try to do a leave/branch thingy

My original thought for this mani was to do a two toned horizontal My Private Jet on top, Log on to love on bottom but once i added the first line on the left ring finger i decided to try for stripes.  Tomorrow my new Manager starts so i wanted to not make a bad impression with crazy nails like i sometimes have.  So minimalistic the better.  Also enjoying the Log on to Love color.

Base coat - Log on to Love
Stripes - My Private Jet
Top coat - Sally Hansen hard as nails & OPI drip dry

Here's to hoping this mani can last more than a day.  I need more Seche Vite, but really i don't as i have other top coats to test and try out.

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  1. Yay My Private Jet! I just gt this one for Christmas and I love it so much! :)