Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Manicures

Here are some manicures i have sported during my Christmas Holidays.

Mani #1
applied this mani on Dec 23 pics were taken 1 day (Dec 26) after Christmas so they have some chips and wear.
index finger was a quick fix on christmas day, like my ring finger the best 

close up of this

will do this design again but not with red christmas mani
i did a quick mani before heading to my brother and gf house and didn't have time to redo for Christmas Day.  i'm not thrilled with this mani, i should have stuck with my design on the pinky finger (apply base coat of Avon French Tip White and add the  red stripes) but i wanted to use my new green stripe brush.  Also i was experimenting with application.  Applied the purple onto the base color, thinking that the chi was a winecolor and then i just went with it cause i didn't have time to redo.

legend mani 1:
Avon - French Tip White
Silkline White
Green Art LA colors deco nail art lacquer
Red LA Colors Art deco nail art lacquer
Chi Behind closed doors

Mani #2 on Boxing Day
right hand

Tried out the Christmas tree with my copper striprite, the christmas tree design was from Blue Tape and Nails tips

Legend for Mani #2
OPI Here today...Aragon Tomorrow (is a suede but added top coat otherwise will chip in few hours)
Red LA Colors Art Deco nail art lacquer
Copper So Easy Stripe Rite
Gold/Brown Rhinestone
Top coat Seche Vite

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  1. I thnk my fav mani is the first one. I really lik ehow you used green and gold gitter and then we can also see the white