Friday, June 24, 2011

Guest nails - OPI Log onto love

My hand and my grandma's

Over the weekend, i visited my grandpa & grandma - my mom's parents.  15-20 Years ago my grandma  loved to get her nails done and she would always have some nail art on an accent nail or thumb.  But now health problems/older age has keep both her and grandpa inside the house and not driving or venturing out.  I am sad that i wasn't hooked into the nailart/polish world at the same time and can you imagine how good i would be now if i start to creating my own art when i was still in highschool.

As they live in my hometown which is 1.5 hours away, i visit when i can, i have promised her that each time i visit i bring her nail color chose and do her nails and i really think she looks forward to it. (she told me that i was very good/steady at painting nails, but i think she was lying as grandmas sometimes do to boost up the esteem)  She loves butterflies but i wanted to try to go with some nailart polish so the mani would last longer than the butterfly polymar rhinestones i attached last mani.   She's funny, she saved both butterflies, she said "they just kept showing up,but that's how butterflies are with me they didn't go down the sink water".  ( grandma also gave me her love of butterflies)  She wanted to give them back to me to reuse, so i took them and some scrapbooking tape and stuck them onto the kitchen mirror to add to her butterfly sticker collection.

Base - OPI - Log onto love
Tiny flowers - Sally Hansen Nail art pen with Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow
Rhinestones - dollarama with a dap of Seche vite to adhere
Top Coat - Seche Vite

That reminds me i need to write her an actual letter to mail, but with our Canada Post lock out i will have some time to write it so no real rush.


  1. This is a fabulous entry. I think your grandma is so awesome and so lucky to have you to visit and pamper her and make her feel pretty. I like the manicure lot! Great job! :)