Thursday, August 19, 2010

Play Fair & Konad

Tuesday 3 nights ago i did this mani.

Base coat - Nicole by OPI Play Fair
Konad - purple or dark blue (how am i suppose to remember does the no. on the bottom of the bottle mean anything?)
Image plate - M2

Can't say this was the best mani i've done. the stamper was not picking up the small stars. Can the image plates wear out? I thought it was cleaned up with nail polish remover. Also, i left a lot of blue specks around the images. Forgive the tips as it's day 3 wearing this mani and i still haven't found the perfect base coat for wear time, seems 3 days is my max till the tips start to lose the color. This time i even tried to paint the outer edge and base coat the outer edge too. And it looks like i need to do something about my cuticles.

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