Friday, August 26, 2011


Alright so i never got around to posting those pics...i seem to need to have a day to post...Wednesday and stick to that.

I'm at the parents house and we are celebrating my Dad's 60th birthday.His actual B-day is Dec 24 but he always feels a little slated with his b-day being at Xmas time, so we decided a summer B-day BBQ should be planned.    My bro and me decided to cross off an item from his bucket list - Skydiving.  I've always wanted to try.  So tomorrow morning, 7 of us will be skydiving...i think it will be a first for all of us.  My dad, my bro, my dad's bff, his daughter, Dad's bff's friend's M and M's brother B.  Sounds like we will have lots of people watching us too.  *OMG this name thing  (to use names or not to use name) is driving me crazy.  I'm thinking there will be 6 people watching us freefall.  After we skydive we are heading to the harness racing for a bit of friendly gambling.  It was tons of fun when i went in July this year.

I will take pics of my nails this weekend and post so you can see some pretty nails.  I think i will be putting happyfaces on my nails for tomorrow.

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  1. Oh my! You will skydive! I can say for sure that's something I will never do! Riding a teleferic/cable car in the zoo (maximum height from the ground was about 20 meters) was a real nightmare for me so I kept my eyes shut the whole time (gladly it was included on the ticket price)! But you have fun!!!! And happy earlier B-day to your dad :)