Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Neglected Blog needs a post

Hello bloggers, i haven't been painting my nails that much over the last year or so.  Even if i did paint my nails i did not take pictures of them. Why do i have a nail obsession then i start a new job and no more nail obsession???

I did finish off a crafty project this summer - this picture frame was a gift from a friend but the glass was broken so i upcycled the frame and love how it displays my earrings.  When i was deciding which earrings to place into the frame, i dumped the earrings from the little pencilholder onto the bed, hence turning the pencilholder upside down, some earring hooks got stuck, hence the idea was born to use the an object in a different way. I use both sides of the pencilholder, the earrings that are ontop are ones without hooks and the black 4 tear dresser is a dollar store find that works for my other studs and bigger earrings.

I wear my earrings more; as i can easily see them and locate the color i want so easily.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Pretties

Alas, i am alive.  Sorry for the long hiatus.  Whenever i seem to do my nails it's not fun it's just color and then i take so long to take it off.  Well decided it was christmas and i couldn't let this Rainbow Connection not be worn during the Xmas season.

Please forgive the cuticles and the messy cleanup, i was running late for soccer and tomorrow's hot shower will clean up the flakies.  Will try to update better photos tomorrow. (also  please forget the bleeding red on the white nails i forgot how temperament red can be and i should learn to clean my top coat brush on paper after applying it on top of red)

All colors are OPI
White - Alpine Snow
Red - From A to Zurich
Green (Jade actually) - Jade is the new black
Flakies/sparkles - Rainbow connection

Last year, i was regretting not purchasing Party Hearty so when i seen the Rainbow connection i know i had to have it.  I have no idea about a comparison between the two but my favorite hand is my left hand (little bit less sparkles)

So i'm going to attempt to blog one a week.  I'm thinking Friday night will be my posting night but that might change.

Side note:
Just to let the anyone know i am using Myfitnesspal for my healthy eating/lifestyle change journey so if you are on MFP feel free to add me - Alikat789 (i'm not calling it a diet cause it's not a diet it's a way of life)
I have about 70-85lbs to lose. i haven't set my long term goals yet but one short term goal is 10 lbs by Valentine's day.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah, 
Cheers to everyone during this holiday season.

Here's to me posting another blog before christmas of my next set of nails before Xmas - cause to be honest i am hoping these nails make it past two days of wearing.  I seem to be struggling with peeling and breaking nails again.  Time for cuticle cream, more water and ??? i forget the other things i need to do....well on that forgetful note i better get some sleep as i'm starting to be forgetful.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

MIA update

I'm around just not posting.  I've been doing my nails just forgetting to take the pictures.  I am impressed with my latest mani (it has lasted almost 4 whole days with only one minor touchup yesterday) - Borghese Berry Confezione with a couple access nails with sally girl pink noname sparkly hexagons, i'll take a pic tonight, but not sure when the pic will be posted.
My computer pc needs a reinstall of windows and i'm going to attempt that tonight.  Wish me luck first time doing an overhaul myself.

Well the windows went well.  The wireless doesn't want to work, sounds like i might need to call tech support to get it to work, so right now the desktop is downstairs and will stay there until wireless internet is setup.  Now to start installing all the programs i need.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

One day late

It's thursday, i'm late for my post.  My nails have been bare all week.  In my hometown, we have been having a heat wave and breaking records - it's +33 celcius today, our usual temp on this day is +10....well gellies i leave my chair or 2 mins and a cat steals it...have to finish this tomorrow as it's too hot and its 11pm. Uuuhh.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wednesday post - non-nail related

It's wednesday but i don't have a current mani to show you, i'm in the middle of painting my bedroom so my nails are the last thing on my mind.  Actually i'm going to take this Beige Sally Hansen Insta-Dry off right now.  it lasted for one day on my nails before they polish started to crack and peel. But here is a current pic of me with my new Dilem glasses - i love them, they have interchangeable arms (temples).  You get 2 pairs with the frames and you can purchase more temples to add to your collection.  If you know me you might understand my constant need for change and to have collections.   Happy Humpday.