Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Neglected Blog needs a post

Hello bloggers, i haven't been painting my nails that much over the last year or so.  Even if i did paint my nails i did not take pictures of them. Why do i have a nail obsession then i start a new job and no more nail obsession???

I did finish off a crafty project this summer - this picture frame was a gift from a friend but the glass was broken so i upcycled the frame and love how it displays my earrings.  When i was deciding which earrings to place into the frame, i dumped the earrings from the little pencilholder onto the bed, hence turning the pencilholder upside down, some earring hooks got stuck, hence the idea was born to use the an object in a different way. I use both sides of the pencilholder, the earrings that are ontop are ones without hooks and the black 4 tear dresser is a dollar store find that works for my other studs and bigger earrings.

I wear my earrings more; as i can easily see them and locate the color i want so easily.

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  1. Excellent upcycle Ali! Looks fabulous! Something like that but bigger would be stellar for craft sale displays too! Hugs!